love life-seek peace-stop war

For the first time in the history of the human race
,  we , the Human Beings , have the capacity and ability to totally destroy this planet and everything on it.
We can do that. Easily and Quickly - Many Times over , with the stocks of nuclear and other weapons we already hold  ,  or slowly by environmental means.

Some  thoughts


“What a piece of Work is Man……..”
Bill Shakespeare


“The only way we can be free is together”
Desmond Tutu


“We have seen that we cannot solve human problems by fighting”
Dalai Lama

And now,  a rant from Ray

Us Human beings.
We  need to pull ourselves together.

Because we have done "totally stupid". For a long time .
It has taken us thousands , no , millions of years to get here .We call it evolution.

Apparently, so we are told , we have evolved from little squirmy cellular things living in water , to bigger , thinking and calculating things with minds , living on the ground .
Great.                                                                                                                                                                Why ? Survival . All the rest is just ways and means. Everything , all of it, us, animals , fish , trees , Life and the Universe , beetles and stones, leeks and mountains, planets, suns , galaxies and universes. Just going on and on and on , expanding or contracting, moving, staying still, getting hotter or faster, bigger and smaller , going on going on , existing , being.                                                                                                                                    I'ts true, I promise you, I have it on very good authority.

That’s all there is . No meaning Just surviving, continuing, not ending.                                                                   All I am saying is that stuff , everything , (including us) exists, and goes on existing . It exists , and we don’t need any reasons for this - I mean its fine to do all that asking why mind stuff if you like, come up with great reasons or beliefs about it all.                                                                                                                                           Survival is just the best way there is to carry on existing. Obviously, if you stop surviving you have also stopped existing.

And there are whole bunch of humans, called existentialists and phenomenologists who don’t even accept that existence is what we percieve it to be.                                                                                                                 But they are just being silly.

So ......... we do have a choice, us humans , just not care, complain a lot, blame the Government , or the Banks, or the Terrorists ,  or the international financiers , conglomerates or speculators ,  or ,  we can or we take a little pause , make a conscious choice, and go for continued existence.                                                                   Which I personally think would be pretty smart – although I am totally sure that the rest of the Universe doesn’t actually give a shit whether we and our sparkly blue  backwoods planet survive or not - so really, it is  up to us.   It’s a personal choice , one by one.

It seems to me that this can work  in two ways - in an innerway , for me personally, how I am with myself and others, and in an outer way - what is happening out there in the world , in the society around me , in Iraq and Afghanistan and America and Africa.........

So,  for me ,  I  make a choice to  :

Love life           –      give thanks , right now, see the beauty around me , choose and enjoy Life.   This is it !

Seek peace     -        within myself - and  in   all my  meetings and   dealings and relationships with others .

Stop war       -     my own wars, with myself and others, , support peace campaigns and peace workers -                                     speak out , take a stand on this  . Look for what else can I do in practical  ways.

O yes, and to remember Rule 23 - "Don't take yourself seriously"

Or as my friend Ned puts it   "  Angels fly cos they take themselves lightly"

"You may say that  I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one..........".............................................................(thanks John)

                                                                                             Thought is Creative